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Who doesn’t love a good movie?

Almost every Gippslander loves a good movie, especially in the theatre, where the big screen and realistic sounds create the ultimate movie viewing experience. Gippsland Electrical offers the professional wiring you require for the installation of your home theatre.

Popcorn Movies in the comfort of your own home

Fortunately, the big theatre sights and sounds can now be brought to your own home. With a high-quality home theatre, you will enjoy all of the advantages of a theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. Anyone who wants to enjoy the theatre experience, minus the large crowds, will find there are many advantages to a home theatre.

Football and Netball Fans

Sports enthusiasts will find a home theatre is the next best thing to being at the game. With a quality big screen and surround sound system, sports fans will find the experience exceeds their expectations. Family and friends will label your home theatre as the location to be during the AFL and NRL Grand Finals.

Gaming Enthusiasts

By adding gaming consoles to a home theatre, gaming is taken to a whole new level. With a big screen and a surround sound system drawing players in, the realism and immersion into the game is unsurpassed, and can improve concentration and performance.

In Concert

Today’s technology enables music lovers to plug USB drives into a DVD/Blu-Ray player, or even directly into the TV. Playing music through laptops, portable players and televisions with realistic surround sound enables you to have a music experience simulating a live concert sound right in your own home.

The Big Picture

A home theatre without a great picture is nothing more than a standard living room experience. Technology continues to improve, providing increasingly realistic pictures. Home projectors are the ideal choice for mimicking the theatre experience. Gippsland Electrical will be glad to provide the electrical installation you need to accommodate your home projector theatre.


An additional reason people love to experience movies in a theatre is because of the sound system surrounding the audience. Aircraft, gun shots and whispers for example all add to the unique experience. The sounds literally move around you. Today, the same high quality surround sound system is available for the home experience. Best of all, you don’t have the distractions of other movie goers to deal with in the comfort of your home. Gippsland Electrical offers the professional services of licensed electricians.

The Gadgets

A home theatre system can encompass PCs, video game systems, satellite systems, DVRs, stereos, streaming devices and a number of other products on the market. Of course, the variety of products will increase the need for outlets beyond the single outlet or two that is typically available. Gippsland Electrical can provide you with the safe, effective wiring and outlets that you require.

The home theatre provides three large advantages: convenience, versatility and affordability. At home, you are in control of what is on the screen, and when. Technological advances occur so rapidly, that new technology is sometimes replaced within months of its introduction, resulting in lower prices.

Home Theatre Lighting

The lighting in a home theatre offers a large number of options. The most important things to consider when installing home theatre lighting are:

Arrangement – Theatre lighting varies from bright to dim, and once the movie starts the majority of the lights go out. There is a reason for that, and if you have the problem of light reflection from lamps and windows obscuring the picture on your TV then you already know how annoying it can be.

Windows in a home theatre can be mitigated by using low tech thick dark curtains, or covering them with blackout measures for a permanent or as-needed solution.

Popular light fixtures in home theatres are recessed lights arranged in rows with dimmers. Make it easy on yourself with a remote-controlled system so your relaxation is uninterrupted.

Wiring You Need

Wiring should be your next concern during the planning stage. Masses of tangled wires are unattractive and terribly inconvenient when a component requires replacement or repair. Use cable organisers and label everything clearly so you know what wire belongs to each component. Having an adequate number of electrical outlets is very convenient, and prevents adding extension cords to a mass of wires. The addition of wires and circuits is a job for an electrician in Gippsland, Victoria to ensure safety and adherence to building codes.

Extras to Consider

Consider the installation of sound proofing. This will minimise complaints from neighbours. There are numerous options available to fit your aesthetic needs and budget.
Keep in mind, a home theatre is a project that can be developed over time, and range from a well set up living room to a full blown genuine theatre experience. If you prefer a stepped approach, we will be glad to provide an electrician in Gippsland, Victoria to get you started by providing for your electrical needs.

It All Adds Up

When was the last time you took the family to the movies? How much did it really cost you? The tickets, the popcorn, parking, petrol, Pizza or Maccas to go with? Save money and stay at home.

When you’re ready to establish a home theatre or home entertainment room, call for the services of Gippsland Electrical. We can provide the electrical requirements you need to create the ultimate entertainment experience.

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Home Theatre