Real Estate Property Maintenance


Take the hassle out of real estate property maintenance by using Gippslands most trusted and reliable electrical contracting company, Gippsland Electrical.
We make it quick and easier for you to get all your electrical problems fixed in the rental properties that you manage.


Take a look at the top 10 reason why you should choose Gippsland Electrical for all your electrical maintenance needs for the properties you manage.

1. Free Quote

Before we commence any work we provide you with a written quote for your approval.

2. 24/7 Service (And we mean it)

Electrical problems can happen at the most unexpected and inconvenient times of the day or night. Lucky for you we are not just a one man operation, we have electricians on call 24/7 in all major towns of Gippsland.

3. Servicing all of Gippsland and Surrounding Areas

We set out to be the go-to electrical contracting company for all of Gippsland and we have strategically hired electricians that are based in all the major areas of Gippsland so as to be able to easily and promptly service all of Gippsland and the Surrounding Areas.

4. Speak directly to the Owner of Gippsland Electrical

The biggest change we have made with Gippsland Electrical was to put my own personal mobile number as the main contact number for the company to maintain the personal touch. This also helps with knowing that all information and correspondence you receive is coming straight from the owner and there will be no surprises.

5. On Time

We hate waiting just as much as you do. If we schedule a time with you, we guarantee we will be there on time or receive $50 off your invoice.

6. Prompt and Easy Invoicing

All our invoices get sent off within 24 hours of completing the work. As we use an electronic invoice it makes it easy to pay online and even easier to forward them onto your landlords.

7. No unexpected costs

We guarantee there will never be any unexpected costs on your invoice that you will have to explain to your landlords.

8. No Mess

Any mess made by any of our electricians gets cleaned up before we leave.

9. Photos

At each job we make sure we take Before and After photos so at any stage we can show you or your landlords the work that we have completed.

10. Quality Parts

We only use names we can trust, so we only use the best electrical parts to complete your jobs.


Contact us today on 0427 787 732 or email us at to discuss how we can assist you with all your real estate electrical maintenance needs.