Smoke Alarm/Smoke Detector Installation

Will your current smoke alarms save the life of you and your loved ones?

The answer will surprise you. Over 90% of household smoke alarms/smoke detectors are either installed incorrectly or are not in working condition and therefore pose a huge threat to the lives of you and your family.

What can you do to make sure your smoke alarms work correctly?

With an increasing threat of house fires its important your smoke alarms are up to date and that they are up to date with the new laws of smoke alarm installation.

Lets take a look at the top three requirements when installing smoke alarms and how Gippsland Electrical can help make sure that your alarms are up to date and meet the current safety codes.

1. Smoke alarms should be connected to mains power.

It wasn’t too long ago you could walk into any hardware store or supermarket and purchase a battery operated smoke alarm, and, alarmingly I’ve seen them being sold today. All smoke alarms must be hard wired to mains power, this allows the alarms to have constant power without relying solely on a battery. The added feature of smoke alarms is the battery back-up which ensure that no matter what there is constant power to your smoke alarms.

2. Interconnection of all smoke alarms.

What happens if you have a fire at one end of your house and only the closest smoke alarm goes off? Will all members of the household be able to hear it?

No matter how big or small your house is, it makes sense that if one smoke alarm goes off then all smoke alarms should go off right? This is why the new rule was created that when installing smoke alarms they should all be interconnected so that if one goes off then they all go off to ensure that everyone in the household is alerted that there is a fire.

3. Smoke Alarm positioning.

When looking at where your alarms need to be installed it isn’t just a matter of installing them when fires may be of higher risk. Alarms must be installed in the vicinity of the kitchen, hallways and all bedrooms to ensure that everyone is alerted should a fire occur.

What should you do next?

If your alarms are not installed in the ways mentioned above you need to call Gippsland Electrical right away so that we can remedy the situation. It is quick and easy for us to fix your alarms so they are up to date and meet the current safety codes. No one wants to risk the safety of their family because of faulty or out of date alarms.

Fill our our contact form of call us today on 0427 787 732 so that we can ensure you and your family are kept safe.