New Home Solutions

Your New Home

Building your own home is an extremely rewarding venture. You will have every aspect of your home just the way you want it. Choosing the right tradesman for the job is what makes the building process all the more simpler.

Gippsland Electrical are with you every step of the way, from the initial planning stage our team of experts will sit down with you to discuss every idea you have; we will suggest things you may never knew were possible, and we are right there until the hand-over stage.

Flexibility is the Key

During the framing stage we’ll take you through your home to discuss any changes you may want to make or anything you want to add to the home.

We are here to make the building process as simple and as stress free as possible.

We offer a complete range of Electrical Services to the Builder/Home Owner. Our services include:

  • Underground cabling
  • LV Cable Connections
  • Rough In
  • Fit Off
  • Appliances
  • TV/Phone/Data

Looking for more?

We also have our range of advanced electrical services for those looking to get more out of their home. Including:

Call us today to discuss how we can make your new home dream a reality.