Ducted Vacuum Systems

Gippsland Electrical: We Cater For All Types of Ducted Vacuum Systems

Depending on property construction, a Ducted Vacuum System can be installed under the floor, in the roof, or inside the walls.

Do you or a loved one suffer from Asthma?

Ducted vacuum systems can reduce the amount of allergens in the home by extracting dirt, dust, mould, pollen, and pet hair out of carpets and furnishings – and it’s simple. The system sends these allergens through the network of hidden tubing in the walls to the dirt can, located in a remote area of the home. By doing this, the central vacuum system rids the home of these potentially harmful irritants–unlike most portable vacuum cleaners, which leave much of the fine dust recirculating in the air. Also, by having a central vacuum vented to the outside of the home, it is possible to remove even the smallest of particles from the living environment.

Makes Vacuuming Easier

The power unit is placed in the garage with the dirt canister near the garage door. This allows for easy emptying of the canister.

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Ducted Vacuum Systems